Comedians & Speakers

From Jugglers, Acrobats & Trapeze artists to stunt & variety acts, Jamsta Photography has had the pleasure to work with & photograph many amazing Circus Acts from Down-under all the way up to Russia! These artists are an absolute delight to capture, with a wide variety of skills to showcase, high-energy & full of characters to match!

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"Jam is a photography wizard. He has a unique ability to capture the exact feel of that moment in the show, and makes you feel like you're sitting in front row seats. If you have the chance, do not pass up the opportunity to use Jamsta Photography. You'll never regret it."

- Morgan Scooby Scarfe (AUS)

Circus Performer

"During our Acrobatic show we have a lot of moves and it is not easy to get quality pictures. But Jeremy made fantastic shots! Absolutely аmazing! We are so happy with these pictures! The best photographer! Thank you so much! Highly recomended!"

- Duo Bolshakov (RUSSIA)

Acrobatic and Aerial performers

"Amazing photos in combination with a super helpful and friendly quality photographer who knows what he is doing. Best work!"

- Niels Duinker (HOLLAND)

Comedy Juggler, 3 Guinness World Records-holder, Official Trainer at Cirqo, President at International Sport Juggling Federation,

Photographing live on stage action is hard enough; but especially when it comes to circus acts, in particular, jugglers! It requires a skillful eye to capture fast movements, and at often times in dim lighting conditions or in a venue with changing lights. Photographing jugglers & circus acts is one of the most challenging, but rewarding jobs to shoot!


Every performer brings to the stage their own unique personality & character; some are very animated, others more subtle in their expression. Jamsta Photography takes pride in helping capture the true nature & soul of each artist as they take the stage.

Circus Acts

"I've had a lot of people take pictures of me over the years. I must say Jam has given me the best images yet in the studio and on stage. I've used his images multiple times for promo, posters etc. Brilliant five stars!"

- Nick Nickolas (AUS)

Juggler, Magician & Comedian

"Thoroughly delighted with the amazing photos and comfortable session in taking them. Jeremy is very, very good at this. Thanks so much!"

- Martin Ralph (AUS)

Comedian, Variety Act, MC Speaker & Olympian

Jamsta Photography can be seen in countless websites & publications, such as news articles, books, CDs & even Billboards in Las Vegas & various International Festival circuits. 

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