Comedians & Speakers

The artful capture of speaking is much harder than you'd expect. A slight drop in the mouth, motion of the lip or flutter of an eye-lid can make or break a shot. This is where micro-expressions matter; where the art of careful anticipation of moments, experience of timing and intuition come in. And Jamsta Photography has this skill down to a tee; having captured dozens of international comedians, MCs & speakers from all across the globe. Feel free to check out some of the work below and see what they have to say!

"Just for the record Jam, this was above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much!"

- Charles Warren (USA)

Auctioneer & Business Owner

"There are very few photographers that can capture the attitude of a comedian on stage like Jam. He took the time to watch my show to understand who I am before he took the shots. His photos of me performing captured me perfectly."

- Caroline Picard (USA)


(XM, Sirius, AOL & National Lampoon Radio)

"Jam is an awesome photographer. His action photography shots catch you at your best...doing what you do best! My head shots have given me the professional look that I need to help me increase my commercial exposure! He's simply an Awesome Photographer."

- Cee-Jay Jones (USA)


"Jam is an amazing artist & friend; one of the best photographers in the game! But hands down in top human beings of all-time!"

- Azeem (USA)


(Comedy Central, BET & Show me the Funny)

Jamsta Photography got its start from taking photos of comedians onboard cruise-ships! Being commissioned to photograph comics during their stand-up shows as well as providing portfolio & head-shots, eventually catapulted the start of Jamsta Photography into the specializing in all things Entertainment. Soon he was sought after by performers of all types!


Every speaker brings to the stage their own unique personality & character; some are very animated, others more subtle in their expression. Jamsta Photography takes pride in helping capture the true quality & representation of each client as they take the stage.

Comedians | Presenters

"Extremely professional individual. Working as a Cruise Director, Jamsta took some of my best shots which I still use a few years later. As the Department Head of Entertainment, back then I saw so many performers taking advantage of his skills and the pics are still out there to show. Perfect timing. Perfect sense. Thank you!"

- Felipe Couto (Brazil)

Cruise Director & Presenter

"Jam caught aspects of my stage personality I hadn't seen before... Absolutely pleased with the results of our photo session... Didn't even need retouching... Jam I look damn good! Thank you."

- Derrick Eason (USA)

Actor & Comedian

"My experience with Jam was absolutely first-rate. He couples the skills of a technician with the soul of a performer. He knows the shot you need AND how to deliver it. The only way I'd be happier is if he could have given me abs!"

- Kelly Terranova (USA)

Actor & Comedian

(CMT's Comedy Stage, FOX Sports & DryBar Comedy Network)

"Throughout my career as a stand up comedian, I have had head shots done many, many times. It is not something I enjoy. In all honesty, I detest getting my photo taken, but Jam made it fun and easy.

He is professional, funny and really made me feel comfortable as well as relaxed. I would genuinely recommend his photographic services to anyone I know or even to someone I just met."

- Jason Blanchard (CANADA)


"Jam combines his unique artistic vision with unrivalled technical skill to capture our Punchliner comedians in a way no ordinary photographer can."

- Jeff Shaw (USA)

Comedian & Author

(Dry Bar Comedy)

"It was great working with you. I am more than pleased with what you were able to accomplish. Thanks for your artistry and for your friendship."

- John Rathbone (USA)

Comedian & Presenter

Jamsta Photography can be seen in countless websites & publications, such as news articles, books, CDs & even Billboards in Las Vegas & various International Comedy Festival circuits. 

Click HERE to check out some of these publications from around the world!

"Being a professional comedian, I chose Jam because of his ability to capture exactly what you're trying to achieve. He gets it right the first time; he's professional, very nice and he is absolutely the best photographer you can find at any price. His prices are beyond reasonable.

From the instant you meet him you feel at ease and you KNOW he knows what he's doing. I love every photo he took of me!"

- Mutzie (USA)


(BET'S Comic View)

"I absolutely recommend Jamsta if you're in need of having photos taken. He knows his stuff and knows what it takes to get the shots you want. I love the photos he's taken of me!"

- Kivi Rogers (USA)

Actor & Comedian

"Jam is a true professional. His eye for detail is impeccable. He goes the extra mile to assure he captures the best in any photo! It was a pleasure working with him. Excellent work!"

- Manny Oliveira (USA)

Actor & Comedian

"Jam took hands down the best photos ever of me during a performance. I use them in all of my promo. Nobody knows how to shoot my show like him."

- Tommy Drake (USA)


"Jam is a total pro and a real pleasure to work with. Capturing the fun of stand-up in still photos is not easy, but he is a master."

- Tim Cavanagh (USA)

Comedian, Speaker & Musician

("Bob & Tom" radio show)

"Best looking live shots ever!"

- Tom Foss (USA)

Comedian, Speaker & Musician

(XM/Sirius Radio)

Before shooting a live show, Jamsta always takes the time to sit down and get to know the speaker; understand their personality, their style of presentation, their character and stage-persona. Jamsta also makes sure to find out if there are key shots or money-shot moments in a speaker/comedian's show that must be captured. These are all critical things to understand about a performer and their show, in order to capture and bring this out in the best manner.

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