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Jamsta Photography has had the pleasure of providing photography services for some of the world's most seasoned & iconic upcoming stars of the Magic world; from shows onboard cruise-ships to Magic Festivals.

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"Fantastic photography and not just for studio images, Jeremy excels as capturing the moment during live performances as he has done for me and for so many of my colleagues. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"


Magician / President of Aus. Institute of Magicians (AUS)

Photographing live on stage action is hard enough; but especially when it comes to circus acts, in particular, jugglers! It requires a skillful eye to capture fast movements, and at often times in dim lighting conditions or in a venue with changing lights. Photographing jugglers & circus acts is one of the most challenging, but rewarding jobs to shoot!


Every performer brings to the stage their own unique personality & character; some are very animated, others more subtle in their expression. Jamsta Photography takes pride in helping capture the true nature & soul of each artist as they take the stage.


"Without a doubt Jam seized plenty of amazing and wonderful live action moments. That certainly took patience and skill! I do believe he has that certain eye that knows when and where to capture that magical freeze frame. Many thanks for your being there and being so gracious with your talent!"


Magician - Las Vegas

"Don't think twice... he knows what he's doing. Great work!!"


Magician (AUS)


"Working with Jeremy was so easy and fun, and I can't believe the number of quality images he got in such a short amount of time. I think it took him all of 4 minutes to get the exact shot I wanted. His understanding of form and his ability to clearly communicate what he needs from his subject to get the shot set him apart.

I have been creating promotional images for years working with a lot of amazing photographers, and I can confidently say that Jeremy is an absolute professional and a cut above the rest. Worth double what he charged."


Magician, Comedian & Writer (CANADA)

"I've had a lot of people take pictures of me over the years. I must say JAM has given me the best images yet in the studio and on stage. I've used his images multiple times for promo, posters etc...Brilliant five stars!"


Magician, Comedian & Juggler

"We're very happy with the result. Jamsta Photography was very pleasant to work with and we got more than we had hoped for. We will be using these pictures in our business for years to come. Highly recommended!"



"As a professional stage magician I've had thousands upon thousands of photographs taken at live shows. I've just received the suite of photo's Jeremy took on board the Radiance of the Seas off the coast of New Zealand, and I'm floored; there are so many "IT" shots it's ridiculous. Do what you need to do to get this guy to shoot you and do it now ! He is literally second to none for live stage photography."



"Jam did a fantastic job capturing our live show. Highly recommended!"


"Gone Girl" 

-Melbourne Magic Festival

- Melbourne Intl Comedy Festival

"In my nearly 40 years in show business, a photo session with Jam has been one of my better investments. I'm sure it will be one of yours too."


Magician & Comedian

"Jam took shots of my magic show, but he was the real magician in the room. He managed to capture the precise moment that encapsulates the essence and epoch of every beat of my show. Every shot tells a story. The only hard part will be picking the shots to use in the future! Jam is super professional, punctual and incredibly easy to work with. I'll be asking him to take my photos again!"



Jamsta Photography can be seen in countless websites & publications, such as news articles, books, CDs & even Billboards in Las Vegas & various International Festival circuits. 

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